What’s up, weekend 3/2

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Oh, good morning and happy Friday! Hope you had a wonderful week, sweet ones, and that you don’t currently live on the East Coast where we’re getting a very unpleasant nor’easter this weekend. Wheeee, winter! If this is your first time here, welcome! Each Friday, I link up with Lindsay and Beth from our Peaceful [...]


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I struggle with forgiveness. I hold on to painful memories with an iron fist and think not too pleasantly about the times in my life when I lost faith in all the things that truly matter. Is everyone worth a chance at redemption? Maybe not. Do I believe in second chances? Beyond a shadow of a [...]

What’s up, weekend 2/23

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Good morning, sweet peas, and happy happy Friday! If this is your first time here, welcome! Each Friday, I link up with the wonderful peeps in the Peaceful Posse group and my bloggy sistahs from other mistahs Lindsay and Beth. Let’s dive into the happy things and special thanks to Lindsay for creating this beautiful [...]

Fertility follies (part two)

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New here? Welcome! I documented part one of my fun-filled fertility journey here in case you’d like to dip into the archives to see what led us to this place today, here and now. Of all the life advice I’ve heard over the years, I think the phrase “it’ll happen when you least expect it” [...]

What’s up, weekend 2/16

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Good morning, everyone, and hope you had a lovely week! Diving in today and linking up with my girls Lindsay and Beth as well as all the beautiful peeps from our Peaceful Posse Facebook group. My heart is a little heavy today with this week’s most recent school shooting, but if ever there’s a need [...]

Currently list—the Valentine’s edition

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Thinking—about house hunting and how much sleep it’s costing me and how I wish this were all over. Also, about Jamaica—I was there a year ago! Our trip wasn’t supposed to overlap with the holiday, but our flight was cancelled due to a large winter storm and our jobs are flexible so we were able [...]

Date night done right with BabbleBoxx

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This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx. All opinions are entirely my own My favorite Valentine’s Day celebrations involve very little fanfare: a funny movie and/or complete ownership of the remote control, a box of chocolates, a heaping glass of wine, and someone to cook me dinner. It’s one of those holidays that comes preloaded with [...]

What’s up, weekend 2/9

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Last weekend, Bryan, his parents, and I went to visit the home I was totally, absolutely, and completely in love with. It had everything: proximity to town for me, a garage for him, a huge backyard for Buster, and enough space for all of us to grow. Unfortunately, we learned very quickly that it was [...]