Dating—a look through the years

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This post is sponsored by All opinions are entirely my own. I hear it all the time. Dating is hard. Somehow it manages to get even more exhausting and complicated the older we get. What (or who) is to blame here? Limited attention spans? A shrinking pool of available mates? The dawn of social media? Whatever [...]

Stupid sh*t Bryan and I argue about

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In a survey I’m way too lazy to look up myself, it is reported (allegedly) that most couples fight about finances and temperature control, which I find interesting since Bryan and I have the tendency to bicker the most about really stupid things like what we’re having for dinner. In a recent enlightening conversation with [...]

Standing on the sidelines

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Oh hello, my sweet friends and happy Tuesday! Did everyone have the day off yesterday, and what did you do with it? I actually worked but it was relatively slow, which was nice. I made the mistake of venturing outside to go to the library and I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again today—especially [...]

Five deadly words in a relationship

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I have an incredibly special guest to welcome to the blog this morning–my bestie. I have a hard time talking about her without getting verklempt because she has been there for me through thick and thin and is the one I’d trust the most to clear my search history and take my secrets with her [...]

Finding love in our 40s by dating online

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Hey, you guys! On a bit of an unprecedented blog break this week, but today I present you with an article written by Evan King (thank you, Evan!). Also, don’t forget about Krysten’s birthday giveaway and enter for your chance to win awesome beauty prizes and $250! *** The internet has really changed the way we [...]

Confession… part 2

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Good morning, my friends! I really want to express how much your words, support, and encouragement have meant to me these past few days. I also want to address something that I inadvertently left out of my previous blog post. Going to counseling is by no means an admission of defeat—in fact, I would argue [...]