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My Pixie Blog is a never-ending journey told by a woman in transition. I use this space to write about love and heartbreak, self doubt and self-discovery. I have planted my roots in the Garden State (shout-out to Montclair, NJ!) and find myself in an ever-shrinking circle of non-married, baby-less women at the age of 38. Though I long to hold my own child one day and walk down the aisle (in that order), I’ve learned never to expedite the process and that it is all about the journey to reach life’s milestones. My Pixie Blog is my own personal Eat Pray Love, if you will.

Five years ago, I met this handsome guy after kissing countless frogs and going out on one too many bad dates.

bryan ireland

Photo taken on a wild Wicklow tour in Ireland. Le sigh. SO many sheep. So much greenery.

We love. We fight. We drive each other crazy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that dishonesty is the root of all sadness. I treat this blog as I do a sit-down chat with a girlfriend which means that I document the good, the bad, the ugly. So please: pour yourself a cocktail, pull up a chair, and stay for awhile.

botanic gardens

Other loves include: vegetarian/vegan cooking, mindfulness and meditation, yoga, Phish, our incredibly adorable/forever youthful elder pup Buster (who we coadopted with another couple), reading/writing, glass of wine before bedtime, social media/marketing, and pit bull advocacy.

Buster B&B

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Have a question you’d like to ask about that time I nearly lit my pants on fire or what products I use to tame this mop of hair? Maybe you just got back from a really disastrous first date and need someone to vent to OR that blind date your friend set you up on was a lot better than you expected. I love getting your emails ~ you can reach me at 

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