What’s up, weekend 3/23  

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Good morning, sweet friends! Did everyone have a good week? I feel as though it went by rather quickly—I’ve been dog and house sitting for my parents which is nice sometimes because I get a change of environment but then I start to miss my bed and the usual comforts of home/being able to cook [...]

Stepping out of my comfort zone  

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Lately it seems like I’m rushing, rushing, rushing and not getting anywhere fast. Know the feeling? Two days ago, I frantically compiled all of my W2s, pay stubs, blog earnings, and tax filings to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Yes, I did this all already, but that was before I became a full time employee [...]

Currently—the March edition

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Good morning, and happy Monday, sweet friends! How was the weekend, and what did you do? It was a pretty relaxing one here; no St. Patrick’s Day festivities but I did practice some yoga, read (which inspired me to clean), see some homes (more on that), meet up with coworkers, cook delicious meals (including a [...]

What’s up, weekend 3/16

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Good morning, sweet peeps! If this is your first time here, welcome! Every Friday, I link up with Beth and Lindsay from our Peaceful Posse Facebook group to share our list of gratitude. Let’s dive in! Here are some things that fill my heart with happy: Having our heat and electricity restored. You never know [...]

Pot O’ Gold $100 Cash Prize Giveaway

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Good morning, my sweet ones! Today’s the day–I’m linking up with seven incredible bloggers and we’re emptying our pockets to give you a bit of a spring boost (because, who doesn’t want an extra $100 to help us through the never-ending winter??). I just heard rumors of yet another nor’easter coming to New Jersey next [...]

Fertility follies (part three)–when science fails

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Click here for part one and this link for part two of the fertility follies series. “You just have to trust in science.”  A friend said that to me once, effectively pinpointing exactly what it was that I struggled with the most on the journey to become a mother—trust.  Just a few months ago, I [...]

What’s up, weekend 3/9

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It’s Saturday morning and I’m just now writing my Friday favorites :) I’ve been without power (and heat!) for the past few days, so I’ve been camping out in Starbucks, Panera, and the library and taking calls from my car.  Last night, we packed up the dog and some clothes and I was finally able [...]

Lessons from the Bachelor

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I think we can all agree that Arie has officially surpassed Juan Pablo as the worst Bachelor in Bachelor history. And here’s why: He wasn’t honest He strung two women along He friggin’ PROPOSED TO A GIRL and then broke off the engagement to chase after the runner-up Oh! And he made sure aforementioned runner-up [...]

March goals

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I’m kind of glad February is over. Overall, it was a wonderful month—I met my friend’s newborn, reconnected with an old coworker, planned lunch and dinner dates, invested in myself, and did so much learning. I grew my blog, increased my sponsorships, and worked hard at my Instagram strategy. I’m nowhere near where I’d like [...]