My word for 2018

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Happy New Year, sweet readers! What did you do for NYE this year? Bryan and I celebrated with his cousin’s family, which was nice and low-key after the holiday madness. Here is a rare photo, in which we both look terrible and I haven’t quite defrosted:

The year 2017 taught me many things about personal strength, determination, and the power of positive thinking. I don’t mean to speak in hyperbole here but it was a year of profound growth—both personally and professionally. Bryan and I began our fertility journey. That was difficult and emotional and it’s not something we’re willing to put behind us, but two failed rounds of IUI later, we move forward with a lot of uncertainty and trepidation. Can we afford IVF? If we try one round, will it take? Will we have enough to cover our moving expenses in the spring?

My career changed course last year and I comfortably settled in a new position. Then my security blanket was taken away from me and I felt like I was free falling for a while. I eventually found my footing. Comfort zones are overrated anyway, right?

Bryan and I traveled to Jamaica. I visited a haunted town in Nowhere, Texas with my best friend. I spent a lot of time in cars, and I breathed in the open road and thought about my life. I took in a short-term foster. Lost a good friend. Started house hunting. Paid attention. Made amends (sadly, not with aforementioned friend). Lived mindfully, at least as much as possible. Spent A LOT of time in fertility clinics. Indulged in self-care. Experienced anxiety. Learned how to say no.

My word for 2017 was SIMPLE. It was an incredible year, albeit far from simple. It was… complicated? Hairy? Scary but fun, even if those two things don’t necessarily belong together.

There are certainly things I’d like to accomplish this year, but life and experience have taught me that we ultimately have very little control, even when we are strapped into the driver’s seat.

To that end, I’d like to dedicate 2018 to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. If you’ve heard these words before, it’s because they are taken from the Serenity Prayer (I’m not that good!).

The word that will define me this year is ACCEPTANCE.

If I only accomplish one thing this year, may it be to accept myself completely for who I am. And (perhaps more importantly) to accept that whatever will be, will be.

Let’s do this, 2018.

What’s your word for the year?

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Cara January 2, 2018, 9:06 AM

That sounds like quite the year of uncertainty. I’m looking at making a move in my job and I’m definitely worried about losing my security blanket but I keep trying to tell myself that life is just like a muscle. If you want progress you have to deal with some discomfort. But let’s face it, I don’t always believe it. Acceptance feels like a healthy word that we all need to work on, but it’s a a big word to take on. Best of luck with it!

ShootingStarsMag January 2, 2018, 10:15 AM

I love your word of the year! It definitely seems like you had many ups and downs in 2017- and I can understand that – but we all do have to learn to accept who we are, and the things that come. Happy New Year, Charlotte! I hope it’s a good one.

Sara January 2, 2018, 10:44 AM

We didn’t do a thing on NYE. No, we took the kids to the children’s museum and that was just… a LOT of people so we didn’t stay very long at all so that was kind of a bust. I want so badly to go to a party sometime, I’ve only gone to one EVER and it was a ton of fun. We have zero friends who do NYE parties. Losers. ha!

Natalie A January 2, 2018, 11:53 AM

I LOVE your words! Thank you for sharing! I needed to read this, and I believe my word needs to be acceptance, too! I love what you wrote at the end ” accept myself completely for who I am.” and “accept that whatever will be, will be.” May you have much happiness, peace, blessings, and so much more in this new year! I look forward to reading many more of your posts! Happy New Year!

Tamara January 2, 2018, 1:01 PM

Ok, awesome word. I really might say one of the best. I’m pretty bad at it, in fact.
Love the photos and recaps. I remember so much of this, and the fertility journey.. well hey.. It’s a brand new year, isn’t it? My sister got pregnant AND gave birth in 2017 and that seemed nearly impossible at one point.

Lindsay January 2, 2018, 1:37 PM

Love this word and idea!!! I might do this with my own clients too!

Chrissy January 2, 2018, 2:42 PM

Wow, seems like one hell of a year. I love your word for 2018! I chose “Heal” as my word for the new year.
I am sorry, I have been gone. I miss you so much!
2017 was the worst year yet. I lost my MIL in October after 2 months of fighting for her life after suffering from 2 really bad strokes. My FIL has been very ill after suffering a heart attack and several strokes waiting in a hospice to finally be able to go. There is nothing that can be done for him anymore. So sad.
It has been hard…and I hope this year will be better.
Wishing you all the best for 2018 and hope to reconnect again!
Hugs xxx

Katie January 2, 2018, 2:56 PM

What a POWERFUL word for the year! Acceptance is so important on so many levels. I’m excited for you, friend! My word for the year is EXPAND.

Shann Eva January 2, 2018, 4:07 PM

Awesome. I think that is such a fantastic word and sentiment for the year. It’s definitely a hard thing to do, at least for me. I’d love to be able to control everything, but as I get older, I realize there’s so much we have to just let go of. I’m sending you tons of good vibes for your fertility journey and all of 2018! XO

San January 2, 2018, 5:39 PM

I love your word choice. Sometimes acceptance is the only thing that will bring us inner peace in a world where so much is out of our control. To a happy 2018!

Lecy | A Simpler Grace January 2, 2018, 10:36 PM

Your word is perfect, love! This is definitely the year for acceptance. Hope you have a blessed new year! <3

Lindsay January 2, 2018, 10:55 PM

I love your choice of words for 2018. I LOOOOVE the serenity prayer, I think it’s quite beautiful.
May you have much growth, Love and happiness, however that may be.
Love you babes. xoxoxq

Anthea January 3, 2018, 6:08 AM

Sounds like 2017 was very eventful for you.
Your 2018 word is awesome and I love the serenity prayer.
Wishing you all the best for this new year.

Karen January 3, 2018, 10:48 AM

We were in bed by 9pm New Years Eve lol

My word for 2017 was Joy – I knew it was going to be a rough one and wanted to remember to find joy in the little things.
I’m still trying to come up with my 2018 word but acceptance is an awesome one.
Happy New Year!

For What It’s Worth

Beth January 3, 2018, 10:55 AM

2017 was quite the year for you love wasn’t it? I am glad it wasn’t all bad though, and I hope that you find the answers you need moving forward. I LOVE the word acceptance. It is a great starting point and the Serenity Prayer is an amazing one, I have always loved it. Much love to you my darling as you navigate the next steps in your journey! Love you tons!

Mrs. Matchh January 4, 2018, 12:24 AM

OH friend, I’m so sorry to hear that you and Bryan have struggled so much with infertility. I love your attitude about 2018. It’s beautiful, and I hope this year treats you right. It’s so nice to see a rare photo of your smiling faces! Much love to you sweet friend!

Trish @ The Trish List January 5, 2018, 8:54 AM

You had a whirlwind of a year my sweet friend! You are such a beautiful soul and I can’t wait to see what comes for you this year. Acceptance is a great word. We had to pick a work when I went through yoga teacher training last year and I started with the word Control. I sat in meditation and Acceptance came to me. I cried a lot during that 5 months, but let me tell you. that word fueled my fire and got my past so many things I had been holding onto which was ultimately dragging me down. May acceptance free you of your weights this year.

lisa thomson January 18, 2018, 8:19 PM

Charlotte, I love your word for 2018. I don’t know how I missed this post and I’m so late here. Love the pic of you Bryan. So cute!! Well, my word is authentic or fearlessly authentic. I’ve already found myself failing. But at least I’m aware when I’m not being authentic (It’s usually when I don’t want to offend anyone) 😛 Looking forward to seeing your journey this year Charlotte!

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