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Eight years ago, my coworker came by my desk to pick me up. We braced the cold, mean streets of midtown foot traffic and made our way to the lobby of a neighboring hotel to catch the inauguration of our country’s first black president. It was a day I’ll never forget. We ordered glasses of wine on our lunch break and toasted the progress we’ve made as a country.

Today, for many reasons I don’t care to get into here, I’m experiencing a lot of emotions. There’s already enough noise and I don’t want to feed into it, truthfully. So I won’t.

But what I keep thinking about is my friend and how she is no longer here with us to discuss an entirely different presidential election. On some days, today in particular, I really miss her.

Life is funny, it’s short, and it’s sweet…. And sometimes, we’re not always happy with the outcome of a presidential election or a big game or whatever other curveballs life throws at us. It’s all part of the game.

I’m still going to practice kindness and gratitude, especially when my heart needs it most. I’d like to invite you all in today to join – share with us what’s making you happy and let’s spread some joy, yea? Please don’t forget to link up with Lindsay and Krysten.

Dinner dates to look forward to

Lovely chat with a bestie

Surprising my parents with a visit tonight

All the coffee to get me through all the emails

Finding a dog and bringing him home (edit: I was driving to the gym, saw a pup on the street, grabbed my leash, and made sure he made it back to HIS home to be reunited with his owner… he wandered a bit further than he typically does so sadly I didn’t keep a new pup) 🙂

Babbleboxx and GlobeIn (review to come soon!)

My new Venns (don’t forget to click here to enter my giveaway)

A trip to Jamaica to look forward to

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Kimberly January 20, 2017, 9:18 AM

Today is going to be a hard one for so many people. My facebook feed is already exploding from my husband’s side (he’s half American) and from my American blog friends. Oh Lord…I just can’t even fathom the fear, anxiety and anger on the scale you’re all experiencing it – I mean I feel it but I can easily turn away because I’m Canadian and about to be separated by a mother clucking wall I think???!. So much love today and always. Immerse yourself in self care my friend. xoxox

Divya January 20, 2017, 9:47 AM

While I’m feeling all sorts of gratitude for the little things, my heart continues to ache for this country. My heart is hurting as we all say goodbye to the Obamas. I keep getting teary-eyed at work today. Gah. It’s so hard to keep your head up when so many in the nation are feeling all sorts of emotions.

Kim January 20, 2017, 11:04 AM

Did you bring this dog home with you or did you find its owner? Not that it matters. If I brought home every dog I found, I would also find myself divorced LOL I kid. I am trying to avoid FB. So much anger and hate, and Im over here trying to be happy! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Mattie January 20, 2017, 12:51 PM

I am so curious about the dog too! Did you go pick one out and adopt it, or did you just find a stray? Did you keep it? (Clearly I’m dog crazy over here.)

Today is a tough one. Every post I’ve seen about Obama and his legacy makes it even harder to stomach that all of that is being replaced by…you know. 🙁

Crystal // Dreams, etc. January 20, 2017, 3:40 PM

I am pretty much avoiding all social media but Instagram and Snapchat today. I understand there are a lot of mixed emotions and I think that’s a totally natural thing no matter who is elected and people should definitely process that. It’s just become so negative and that’s not productive either. I love all of the things that are helping you get through the day and the week. And thanks for sharing such a special memory with us. Have a great weekend!

Natalie January 20, 2017, 6:36 PM

That’s so sweet that you saved the dog! Aw! I love getting to read what other bloggers are up to. Happy New Year!

ShootingStarsMag January 20, 2017, 7:31 PM

Today is definitely a rough day, but I do want to try and focus on the things that are positive in the world and in my life. Thanks for sharing all the things that made you happy this week. 🙂


Akaleistar January 21, 2017, 9:27 PM

A trip to Jamaica sounds like a very good thing indeed!

Lindsay January 23, 2017, 6:47 AM

Happy Monday Momma! I hope you’re snuggling your boy Buster real nice and cuddly-like as I write this. 🙂
I’ve stayed away from social media as much as possible this past weekend. Its painful to read the non-stop…. and while I can say I’m Canadian and it doesn’t affect us, it absolutely does and will. I’m eager to see what this bafoon is going to do, much like the rest of the world….
Anyways, it’s a new week, a new day. Spread love, positivity and happiness. Speaking of parents, I must pop in to see mine tonight!

Have a great week love!! xoxo

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