Valentine’s Day linky

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Welcome to a very special Valentine’s Day edition of our Friday linky. Tell me what’s on tap for you lovebirds and singles this weekend! Since it’s going to be negative 100 degrees all weekend long and I’m officially in hibernation, I’m all about Netflix and chill. Maybe I’ll make it to the gym but I [...]

Valentine’s Day recap

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Who posts a Valentine’s Day recap five days after the fact? I do. That’s who. It’s been kind of a crazy week. Actually, scratch that. I feel like this has been the craziest winter in the history of ever. What started as a benign storm early in the season has turned into the world’s worst [...]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Van Gogh Vodka

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I attended a Singles in America blog event recently with a great panel moderated by Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger and hosted by Single Edition Media. Tending to the bar were two handsome (ahem, also taken) gentlemen who were there on behalf of Van Gogh Vodka concocting Valentines Day cocktails. Of [...]

A Valentine’s Day grinch goes soft

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I suppose one could say I have been walking around like the Valentine’s Day grinch these past few weeks. Truth be told, I have developed a rather unhealthy aversion to the 14th of February over the years and I convinced myself that I hated everything about this so-called Hallmark holiday. But I have always been [...]