What’s up, weekend 7/21

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Happy Friday, my little pixies! Did everyone have a great week? What did you do and what’s on tap for the weekend? Very excited to welcome the weekend and keeping fingers crossed that it won’t be a total scorcher (spoiler alert! It probably will be). I’m excited for a lady date, a trip to the [...]

The thing about

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The thing about anxiety is that it never really leaves your side; you just find ways to coexist in the same plane together The thing about being socially awkward is that you can go a long stretch of time without incident and then BAM! Foot-in-Mouth strikes again and you’re back to being weird The thing [...]

What’s up, weekend 7/14

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It’s one of those Fridays where I’m wondering where the week went and I have little photographic evidence to show for it. Is it weird that I have to scroll through my iPhone to see what happened just a few days ago? I can’t be the only one :) Actually I believe Kim of My [...]

Why I (mostly) stopped sharing my life on Facebook

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“My beautiful boys. #blessed” “Look at how happy my life is!” “Dirty laundry. Dirty laundry. Dirty laundry.”  “ANGRY POLITICAL RANT IN ALL CAPS!!!!” Admittedly, this isn’t exactly what I see when I log onto Facebook, but it's pretty close. For all intents and purposes, I have stopped sharing pieces of my life on Facebook. That [...]

What’s up, weekend 7/7

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What a weird week, eh? Not complaining. I’ll take it. It’s nice to work a few days and then have a weekend to look forward to. As is tradition here each Friday, I’m linking up with my sweet blog friends Lindsay and Chrissy—we’d love to have you join us so please add your link below [...]

July mantras and goals

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I don’t know if I’m coming or going today. I suppose that’s the problem with having a major holiday fall on a Tuesday and attempting to come back to work the next day. It’s been a busy extended weekend, and it was good to unwind and almost completely unplug (Bryan yelled at me for responding [...]

Why I love having my own car

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This post is sponsored by Cars.com. All opinions are entirely my own. I have so many questions about the featured image for this blog post. Like why is her steering wheel so big? And is this woman driving an airplane? For many years, I was a card-carrying member of the two-foot express. By that I mean [...]

What’s up, weekend 6/30

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You guys, it’s almost July. Which reminds me. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I was out with the pup the other day when I saw one of my neighbors. “Good morning! [idle chit chat/blah blah blah]… can you believe the summer is halfway over?!” That moment freaked me out because I lost all [...]