How to Stay Fit in Cold Weather

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Please join me in welcoming Sarah Brooks from as a guest blogger here today. She is a Houston-based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to *** Staying in shape requires motivation under any circumstances, but winter weather provides an easy excuse for dropping the ball on healthy living. Each [...]

Down With Disease

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Ooof, you guys. I’ve been feeling under the weather for the past few days (flu?) and haven’t had much energy to get any writing done. Sleeps have been interrupted by bouts of sneezing, coughing, and sniffling and I feel like the walking dead. Any quick fixes you can send over my way would be greatly [...]

Why I Foster

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Like so many in the northeast, I have been in hiding, surfacing only when necessary (like when I need provisions or dog needs to do her business). I hate this weather with a passion and would give anything to go somewhere warm for a week where I could soak up some sun. I've taken on [...]

The in-between

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It's funny how a snap decision can completely alter a course of events. On Wednesday night, Bryan and I left the apartment at midnight to bring out the recycling and walk Penelope. It wasn't until we made it around the block that we realized neither one of us remembered the keys. Ordinarily I bug him [...]

The “A” word

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What if I told you that you would never again feel this unencumbered, carefree, and relaxed? That every moment from this day forward was just another exercise in survival, one that would have you searching for exits in public spaces, popping natural remedies that don't hold a candle to their prescription counterparts, and counting down [...]

Breaking the girl code

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Over the weekend, I accompanied Bryan while he got more ink done on his sleeve. It’s become somewhat of a tradition. Every few months he makes an appearance at the tattoo shop, and I either bring a book and get some reading done, have a friend meet me to catch up, BS with the guys [...]