Thoughts on Harambe

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I was on an elliptical over the weekend when I first saw the headline and I had to change the channel immediately. All I saw was “killing” and “gorilla” and I didn’t know in that moment if the report was referring to Harambe or the child who had somehow snuck into the zoo enclosure. It [...]

Friday Linky–Memorial Day edition

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Oh hai, so glad to have you here! I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am to kick off the long holiday weekend, so I won’t waste much of your time with intros—though obviously I’d like to encourage you to link up with Krysten and Lindsay for today’s linky.  Things that I’m grateful for this week (in [...]

How to Save Using Groupon Coupons

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Groupon. All opinions are entirely my own. If you’ve been here for a while (or in my life for any extended period of time), then you probably already know about my love of Groupon, the mobile and online marketplace that offers a wealth of dining, entertainment, travel, [...]

Friyay and linky

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So this morning I came face-to-face with a cave cricket as I was rinsing out the coffee pot. If I ever, in all sincerity, say that I could totally live in the country please remind me of the encounter I had this morning and the fact that I shattered my parent’s kitchen ceiling. Good lord, [...]

Letting go of perfection

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Since I returned from my trip I’ve had an incredibly difficult time crafting my blog posts. Sometimes I get them half down on paper before rereading, deciding my words are garbage, and hitting the “delete” button. Nope. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. One of my blog friends recently revealed on Facebook that she’s written and scheduled her [...]

A love letter to mothers everywhere

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It was a weird holiday this year. I fretted and became unnecessarily anxious about the prospect of spending the day with my family; two humans I love the most in this world—my parents. Maybe because I felt I needed to fill my brother's place, now that he's only home for the big holidays. Or perhaps [...]

Friday linky (please join in!)

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10 Things

I love this Friday exercise because it’s a way for me to accentuate the positive. And when I stare outside the window to find a dismal, gloomy, and rainy day, sometimes I need to reflect and appreciate the cup of warm coffee in my hands or the fact that I even have a warm home to [...]