Why “we need to talk” should be happening in your relationship

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Sharing a life and living quarters with the one you love means experiencing moments that are more often than not less than perfect. I've found (in my very unscientific research) that couples are often reluctant to tell you the entire truth--that relationships are hairy and that they can turn ugly on a moment's notice. I don't believe [...]

lessons from an older dog

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senior dog, adoption, dog, boxer

This morning I sat down at my computer, full stein of coffee in my hands (because that's what Germans do), and I thought about what I should write for my blog post. It's been a few days since I've updated my blog and, to be honest, I've kind of lacked motivation. Not for lack of [...]

Some exciting news!

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happy camper

Bryan and I started fostering a little over a year ago when we took in our first pit mix named Sandy. A hurricane Sandy victim, she was found wandering the streets of Jersey City with numerous lacerations across her torso. She was a total lovebug with everyone she met, and after nearly two months in [...]

Nashville recap

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downtown Nashville

It’s always hard to transition back to reality when you return from a vacation, and this one was no exception. I really let loose in Nashville in a way that I hadn’t for ages, and it felt good to soak up some music, take in local culture, eat past my bedtime, and order room service [...]