November goals

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November comes And November goes, With the last red berries And the first white snows. With night coming early, And dawn coming late, And ice in the bucket And frost by the gate. The fires burn And the kettles sing, And earth sinks to rest Until next spring. --Clyde Watson Isn’t that gorgeous? I have [...]

The power of visualization

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The other day I caught a glimpse of actor Jim Carrey on Oprah, in a clip that dates back to high hair and shoulder pads. Not really thinking much of it, I went about my business, but kept the sound on in the background until I heard the word visualization. My ears perked up and [...]

Friday linky 10/27

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Jumping right in today because I woke up a bit later than I expected (whoops) and I feel my to-do list growing. But we’ve made it to Friday, and that alone is reason to celebrate, right? Please join Krysten, Lindsay and I in our weekly gratitude linky so we can give thanks for all the good that [...]

Meet Mary—author of An Address in Amsterdam

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When I first started blogging, I had a hard time with character naming. In order to protect the innocent (and sometimes not-so-innocent, if you catch my drift), I vowed never to use real names in my blog posts. This obviously amended itself over the years when a relationship became serious and my boyfriend didn’t want [...]

Currently–the fall edition

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Watching: Some good fall TV lately—really loving This Is Us, The Divorce, New Girl, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (hello Jake Peralta, you are a dreamboat). Reading: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. Because when your friend gives you a book and threatens you to read it (and implies that she’d also like it back soon), you listen. [...]

Friday linky 10/21

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If this is your first time here, welcome! Every Friday, Krysten, Lindsay and I host a gratitude linky so we can give thanks for all the good that surrounds us. And let's face it, sometimes we need a gentle reminder. Please remain mindful of the rules of the linky (they are super easy!) and add your [...]

5 hacks for bloggers this holiday season

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It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is just around the corner. With that always comes a flurry of engagements, to-dos, and holiday prep. I’ve heard that several of you have already started your shopping—can we just take a moment to silently curse, err congratulate you on getting your shizz together!? That’s amazing! I [...]

Taxicab confessions

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I’m ashamed to admit that I used to be an absentminded backseat taxicab passenger. The one who couldn’t be bothered with the driver’s music selection so I always had my own tunes pumping through the earbuds of my iPod. I’d audibly mumble the location I was headed to the guy up front and then ease [...]