Friday Favorites

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Oh, hello there friends and welcome to Friday! Has this been the longest week for anyone else? I'm going to keep this one short and sweet today (I feel like that's a growing theme around here); I apologize my posts aren't "beefier." It's been a great week though Almost finished with all of my holiday [...]

Battling discomfort with humor

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I once went to the gynecologist’s office wearing a pair of pink socks with gingersnap cookies and the words “bite me” written in cutesy script. I can’t remember if my intention was to give the doctor a good giggle in the midst of my exam but I know wearing them made me feel slightly better [...]

Five deadly words in a relationship

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I have an incredibly special guest to welcome to the blog this morning--my bestie. I have a hard time talking about her without getting verklempt because she has been there for me through thick and thin and is the one I'd trust the most to clear my search history and take my secrets with her [...]

Cyber Monday and my brain is mush

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It's after 9pm and I'm just now posting to my blog. That kind of just says everything about this Monday. I'll be back tomorrow with a post about love written by my bestie and how it can almost slip away; I can't wait to share your words. In the meantime, tell me how your Cyber [...]

a rare night out with old college friends

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Sometimes life presents you with the rare opportunity to spend time with old friends who bring back a flood of emotions. The stars align, the drinks flow freely, you reminisce together, and laugh loudly, and feel all at once incredibly blessed to be young and alive. So it was just last night when I met [...]


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This? Is bananas to me.

Happy weekend, all! I'm preparing to head out soon for some holiday shopping (don't forget to shop local today for Small Business Saturday!) and tonight I'll be meeting up with some college buddies in the city. Have you finished (started??) your holiday shopping yet? I'll be honest--I'm really not a fan of shopping, and I'm [...]

post Thanksgiving linky

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Hi, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am still stuffed and dreaming of all the delicious foods I treated myself to yesterday--the desserts, the pastas, the salads that weren't entirely healthy, the carbs, and riesling refills. It was a really nice holiday this year with lots of kiddie and family time [...]


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I'm going to keep today's post short... I might even be cheating on NaBloPoMo since I'm writing it on the eve of the holiday and I will schedule it to publish on Thanksgiving. Minor technicality, right? But it's a big holiday, I have foods to eat, people to see, and I'm sure y'all are not [...]