What’s up, weekend 8/4

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I have some exciting news to share here today! Beth of The Beth Next Door will be linking up with Lindsay and me each Friday for our weekly gratitude. She’s also a new admin in the Peaceful Posse Facebook group and she’s just a wonderful blogger to know, so go! Follow her everywhere (I’ll wait). [...]

I had no intention

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As you may recall, I had no intention of going to see Phish with any of my friends last night. I was perfectly content to pick up my single ticket at Will Call and roam freely from section to section to drink in the sights and sounds of my 70-somethingish Phish show. But when a [...]

August goals

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Good morning, little pixies! Did everyone have a nice weekend? What did you all do? Bryan and I spent some time with my parents on Sunday and saw Twelfth Night as performed by the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company in Garrison, NY (so good, you guys). I’m sure we did other things as well, but you [...]

What’s up, weekend 7/28

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Good morning, my sweet ones! I hope everyone had a great week! Last night I thought about how much this gratitude practice means to me and how happy I am to have Lindsay keeping me accountable each week as well as the support of the Peaceful Posse Facebook group. The engagement and interaction in that [...]

On my own terms 

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Yesterday I did something unpredictable, even by my own standards. Kind of like that time I spontaneously booked a trip to the Bahamas and raised eyebrows when really all I wanted to do was to soak up a little sunshine, thankyouverymuch. I bought myself a ticket to see Phish at MSG. Unlike all the other [...]

Currently—the July edition

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You know that quote about having plans but life getting in the way? Totally applies here. I didn’t expect to skip my posts earlier this week, but my keyboard decided to be an asshole and refuses to type letters (you have one job!)… anyway, it’s made it a bit complicated to return emails, write blog [...]

What’s up, weekend 7/21

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Happy Friday, my little pixies! Did everyone have a great week? What did you do and what’s on tap for the weekend? Very excited to welcome the weekend and keeping fingers crossed that it won’t be a total scorcher (spoiler alert! It probably will be). I’m excited for a lady date, a trip to the [...]

The thing about

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The thing about anxiety is that it never really leaves your side; you just find ways to coexist in the same plane together The thing about being socially awkward is that you can go a long stretch of time without incident and then BAM! Foot-in-Mouth strikes again and you’re back to being weird The thing [...]

What’s up, weekend 7/14

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It’s one of those Fridays where I’m wondering where the week went and I have little photographic evidence to show for it. Is it weird that I have to scroll through my iPhone to see what happened just a few days ago? I can’t be the only one :) Actually I believe Kim of My [...]