IV Chic review and weekend recap

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Sweater by BCBG; Abbeline "Sabrina" pants

Good morning, friends! Hope you are all faring well after the weekend. Monday morning kind of snuck up on me a bit quicker than I was anticipating even though I enjoyed a relatively relaxing and snow-filled weekend of online shopping, errand running, and doggie snuggles. Also I found some time to finish some books and [...]

Super-Hot Shoe Trends for 2015 from the Runway

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Many thanks to my sponsor for stepping in today to write a blog post about every gal's favorite topic: SHOES! Happy weekend, all. We'll return to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow. Big kisses from snowy New Jersey! *** Over the years, shoe lovers have been overwhelmed with a seemingly limitless number of options to choose [...]

Emmi original fondue giveaway

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I’m super excited today to talk about one of my very favorite things in the entire world and one of the reasons I could never really go fully vegan—cheese. My love affair with cheese started at a young age when my mom would ask me to smuggle it in my luggage after a visit with [...]

Is the first year of marriage as bad as they say?

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holding hands

The other day I heard a statistic for the umpteenth time that still managed to sucker punch me about how the first year of marriage is always the most difficult. As someone who has never tied the knot, I always struggle with the idea that a marriage license may change the terms and introduce an [...]

Life lately

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I had a lofty goal when the year started to read 50 books in 2015. And then I picked up The Goldfinch, a hefty novel by Donna Tartt and I may have fallen just slightly behind over the past few weeks. That said, each time I pick up this book, I get completely lost in [...]

Is it really better in Texas?

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girl with horse

It can’t possibly be my imagination that more and more northerners are moving down south to avoid the long winters and high taxes. My best friend was the first one to pack up and leave many moons ago after she got married. Recently my brother announced he would soon settle down just outside of Dallas [...]

What’s Inspiring You?

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kissing snowman

I have been full of feels lately. First of all, I want to thank everyone who stopped by to comment on my last blog post about the rude individual I encountered on my last day in paradise. Your comments meant the world and it’s reassuring to know my emotions weren’t totally out of left field. [...]

The man who almost ruined it all

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grumpy cat

I went back and forth quite a bit when it came to writing today’s blog post. I just wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to publish it and “put it out there” so to speak. It sounded so trite when I thought about it, and yet, I couldn’t get the entire stupid scenario out [...]

Are you sexting enough?

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Beautiful young woman on bed texting with her cell phone

Please give a warm welcome to Kimberly Lawrence, a freelance writer from Lafayette, LA, and the author of today's post. Stay warm, friends!  *** You may think that the constant distractions provided by our cell phones are ruining our romantic relationships, but when used the right way, those handy devices can make our love lives [...]