Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father's Day

Last night I revisited some old posts--sexy trysts, dating twists, scandalous vacations, and yesteryear trepidations--and it made me thankful. Not only because I have a basket of memories I take with me and cherish, but because I live each day with the acquired wisdom that age brings and the understanding that even on the worst [...]

My scattered response to #YesAllWomen

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I made my way to the local grocery store the other day to pick up some provisions when I was stopped on the street by a man I had seen on quite a few occasions—a freight truck worker who often spends his days packing and unloading not far from my apartment. Whenever I see that [...]

Why “we need to talk” should be happening in your relationship

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Sharing a life and living quarters with the one you love means experiencing moments that are more often than not less than perfect. I've found (in my very unscientific research) that couples are often reluctant to tell you the entire truth--that relationships are hairy and that they can turn ugly on a moment's notice. I don't believe [...]

lessons from an older dog

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This morning I sat down at my computer, full stein of coffee in my hands (because that's what Germans do), and I thought about what I should write for my blog post. It's been a few days since I've updated my blog and, to be honest, I've kind of lacked motivation. Not for lack of [...]