Going paperless in a digital world

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This is a collaborative post and I was compensated but all opinions are entirely my own. I want to switch gears today. I feel as though my life exists in paper stacks that are slowly taking over my apartment and life. Does this ever happen to you? It starts off harmlessly enough; a post-it attached [...]

How to survive a stay in a haunted hotel

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There’s no greater joy in life than hitting the open road with a best friend. On our way to upstate New York this past weekend in our quest to overnight in the haunted Shanley Hotel (cross that one off the bucket list!) there were quite a few moments when I marveled at the scenery—we weren’t [...]

Friday linky 9/9

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What’s that expression of fitting a 10-pound bag of poop into a 5-lb bag?! Is that it? Never mind. It’s been a nutty week, is what I’m trying to say, so bring on le weekend and let’s move on to grateful stuffs. As always don’t forget to link up with Krysten and Lindsay—can’t wait to read what’s making [...]

September goals

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Yesterday I waited at a red light, anxiously gripping the wheel and allowing my GPS to guide me to my dentist appointment. I looked on as families gathered around on curbs to take pictures for the first day of school. I sat behind a big yellow school bus and watched as children embarked on an [...]

Friday linky 9/2

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Friday linky

Happy happy Friday, folks! Super excited about the long weekend ahead, so let’s dive right in today. As always don’t forget to link up with Krysten and Lindsay—can’t wait to read what’s making you smile this week!  My happy list for the week: Drinks in Hoboken with an old friend. I miss this girl so much and I [...]

Currently, on the cusp of Autumn

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Listening Honestly? Z100. I left it on since this morning’s Z Morning Zoo (don’t make fun) but I’ll likely turn it off momentarily as there are really only so many times I can hear Sia in a day (NO DISRESPECT but now it’s time for some Phish). Wearing Black lace tank top and a hippie [...]

Friday linky 8/26

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So I’ve been living the life of a nomad this week, traveling back and forth from my parent’s house to my apartment to feed and walk dogs, water plants, and find quiet zones to work and get stuff done. That’s the beauty of working from home—the flexibility to work from anywhere, and though there are [...]

Stock up on wellness with Groupon  

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Groupon. All opinions are entirely my own.  I managed to chip a tooth the other day while eating a rice cake. Last night I somehow broke off the protective bonding that was placed over my front tooth while munching on a salad. A SALAD, people. Allow that [...]

Friday linky 8/19

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This week went by in the blink of an eye (poet didn’t even know it). I’m not complaining, though I am sad that the summer will be over in just a few short weeks. In an effort to extend sunshine and dress-wearing season, I’ve been making a very strong argument to take a vacation to [...]

The truths I hold to be self-evident

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Life is a series of metaphors if we look hard enough. Sometimes you take a shortcut and notice a dad who stops to pick up his son's stuffed toy and you are reminded of the beauty of your surroundings and that some men are just meant to be fathers. There are many moments lately that [...]