And I turned out okay(ish)

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At the risk of sounding like every other soapbox-straddling, child of the 70s, I have a bit of a bone to pick with the overprotective helicopter moms who are swaddling their children in bubblewrap before sending them out into the world. You are doing your children a great disservice. You know this. I don’t mean [...]

The best and worst Groupons I ever purchased

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I let another Groupon go to waste this week. As per usual, it was a drunk purchase made late in the evening when I had every intention of dolling myself up for a night in the not-too-distant future to sit in an icehouse (or NYC’s Minus 5 Ice Bar). Sadly, I never made it to [...]

The curse of creativity

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There are endless ways to stand in the path of your own creativity. I find it harder over the years to trust my own instincts and simply write with reckless abandon. For those of you who don’t know, November is National Novel Writing Month and it was seemingly created for people like me who struggle [...]

Date night at the Paper Mill Playhouse

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playhouse exterior

I was compensated for this post and received two tickets to see The Bandstand in exchange for this review. All opinions are entirely my own. “Are you almost ready?” “Yup! I just need a minute. Going to do my makeup…” (locks self in bathroom with phone and Googles “smokey makeup tutorial”) And then I got [...]

The “haunted house” that ate our money

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On Saturday night, Bryan and I ventured to Wappingers Falls, NY, to check out Miss Fanny’s Victorian Party House—a residential home people walk through that promised to be spooky all year round. It was my bestie’s birthday, so after a delicious Italian dinner in Beacon, eight of us were excited to spend the evening in [...]

my run-in with a ghost (based on a true story)

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In the spirit of Halloween (and to hype myself up and calm my nerves down since I’ll be doing a paranormal investigation of my own this coming weekend. In a haunted house. With an EVP device!) I decided today is the perfect day to tell you about my most haunted experience ever. Please bear in [...]

Disney highlights

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As someone who never visited theme parks as a child, I guess I never really understood the appeal. Whenever I thought of Disney, I pictured long lines, exasperated parents/crying children, and a never-ending circus of Mickeys and Minnies. And I suppose that to some degree, all of that is true. But after two days of [...]