Review of ProbioSlim

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If you’re anything like me, you tend to lose your fitness mojo somewhere towards the end of the summer, after you’ve already flaunted your stuff on the beach and posed for bikini pictures. It’s usually around mid-August that the backyard BBQs increase and working out takes a backseat to more pressing things, like that open-ended face-stuffing [...]

Much needed getaway in Cape May

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Oh, hi, Friday! Where did you come from?! I intended to post my Cape May pictures and recap earlier in the week but somehow time slipped through my fingers. As nice as it was to steal away for a few days, it also meant having to make up some work that I missed. But it [...]

A pixie answers 50 questions

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Thanks, Karen, for your fun answers to this quiz. Since I’m still recovering from my weekend trip to Cape May and am swimming in overdue projects, this was greatly appreciated this morning. XOXO *** 1. What are you wearing? A ripped Asheville drum circle shirt and sweatpants. Sexy. 2. Ever been in love? Eeep. Yuppers [...]

Book review: My Other Ex

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One thing I love about blogging is the chance to occasionally get my hands on coveted books before they are made available to the public. This past weekend I spent a lot of time reading My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Losing and Leaving Friends, which features the voices of 35 different, very well [...]

Cursed with the memory of a goldfish

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I have a strange habit of remembering the most inane details and facts about people. My mom is friends with a man who hates tomatoes, one of my buddies once had a panic attack during a screening of the movie Magnolia, and I distinctly remember the chorus to an a cappella song I heard on [...]

Summer montage (my favorite things)

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While I am still clinging to the last rays of sunshine, it seems many of you are in the throes of fall. Yesterday my Facebook feed was filled with the beautiful images of smiling faces and backpacks and new shoes as so many younger versions of my friends braced themselves for the start of a [...]

Vote for your favorite Blimpie commercial!

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I recently found out that Hoboken, my beloved old stomping grounds, is not only the home of Frank Sinatra and baseball, it is also the birthplace of the very first Blimpie location back in 1964. Why is this important? Because today you have the chance to win a trip for two to Vegas (!!!), a [...]

5 Strategies for Rekindling Romance

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Marie Mccormack is a longtime writer and mother of three. When she has the time, she likes to sit down and share what has worked in her marriage and family. You can find her articles on love, family, and relationship blog sites. Follow The Circle on Google+. Keeping the romance alive in your relationship is [...]

Things that scare me about home ownership

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cat in a box

I have only just started saving for a house, but already I’m beginning to imagine how nice it’ll be to not work out of a bedroom and to have enough space to take that kitchen cart out of storage. (Speaking of which, I totally forgot what we even have down there; it’s like a Noah’s [...]