Nashville recap

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downtown Nashville

It’s always hard to transition back to reality when you return from a vacation, and this one was no exception. I really let loose in Nashville in a way that I hadn’t for ages, and it felt good to soak up some music, take in local culture, eat past my bedtime, and order room service [...]

Liebster Award Nomination

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The very lovely Jessica of Domesticated Wild Child recently nominated My Pixie Blog for a Liebster Award (for those of you not already familiar with this award, it’s essentially a virtual pat on the back from another blogger). Thank you so much for the recognition; I had a great time answering your questions! As part [...]

Staring 35 in the face

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Each year, I anticipate my birthday with the same amount of enthusiasm as I have for a trip to the dentist's office, the DMV, or the mall just two days before Christmas. In other words: wake me when it's over. This year, however, is a bit different. I'll be away for my birthday and able [...]

My very own mantra

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I used to think the expression “fake it till you make it” was a pile of rubbish. I never had a problem saying exactly how I felt in any kind of situation, a trait I had likely inherited from my hot-headed German mother. I could never understand when people kept up appearances for the sake [...]

Creating Your Own Unique Accessory Style

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bracelets, jewelery

Accessories are often the most important pieces in our wardrobe; no matter your personal style, those finishing touches can make or break your outfit. And the good news is that there is no shortage of styles and pieces on the market. From eye-catching jewelry to flowing scarves and funky belts, the options are virtually limitless. [...]

Today’s Brain Drain

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Bethenny Frankel

I can't remember which of my bloggy friends featured the first brain drain, but I do recall reading one once from Alexandra of Good Day Regular People and it seemed appropriate given the mush in my head this Monday morning. So here we go. This weekend was incredibly fun and a bit taxing but it's [...]

Dog update and NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

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Holy hell, I've missed you guys. I'm really sorry I'm the worst blogger to have ever blogged. An influx of work and some personal stresses are kind of chewing up a lot of my downtime lately. BUT I have some exciting news--THIS GUY is coming to stay with us temporarily! Isn't he debonair? Meet Buster, [...]