Stupid sh*t Bryan and I argue about

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In a survey I’m way too lazy to look up myself, it is reported (allegedly) that most couples fight about finances and temperature control, which I find interesting since Bryan and I have the tendency to bicker the most about really stupid things like what we’re having for dinner. In a recent enlightening conversation with [...]

Good Friday Grateful List

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Happy Friday, sweet friends! While I recover from an epic hangover (thanks to a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shot and three glasses of cheap house wine, because in my head I am apparently still in my 20s), I'd like to wish all celebrating a very happy Easter this weekend. What are your plans? Easter-egg hunting? Food-in-face [...]

Olive branch

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This isn't the first time I've written a blog post specifically on forgiveness. It seems to be a frequent topic around here because it's something that I struggle with often and desperately need in my life. But here's the thing about forgiveness—the act of letting go and practicing tolerance and even compassion towards someone we [...]

Tuesday rambles

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Welcome to another round of “Charlotte has not had enough coffee.” Speaking of coffee, congratulations to my dear friend Lindsay of The Flynnigans—you are the winner of the Cold Brew Kitchen coffee giveaway! Step on up and claim your prize :) Good morning and happy Tuesday, dear friends! I started writing this post yesterday but [...]

My happy list (and a linky!)

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We’ve made it! Let’s dive right in, kiddies, shall we? It’s been a long week and somewhat grueling and coffee and weekend and can’t type complete sentences yet. Here are my favorite things that happened this week. Also sending a very special thank-you to Krysten and Lindsay for letting me be a part of this weekly [...]

Monday Schmonday

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Remember last week when I was all, “LET’S PRETEND ALL MONDAYS ARE ACTUALLY FRIDAYS!”? I think that ship has sailed. Because it’s gross and rainy and my bones hurt and all I want to do is cuddle under the covers with my book, some coffee and wine (is there such a thing as coffeewine? If [...]

Take the long way home (and a Friday linky!)

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Life can be a series of metaphors if we look hard enough. I had this realization the other day while on an impromptu expedition around my neighborhood. The sun was shining and I bathed in the golden hour of sunlight—excited for a chance to break free from my workload and enjoy Mother Nature’s gift. I [...]

In honor of the women in my life

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girls with flowers

Last night, I left my apartment in a cloud of Dolce & Gabbana and big hair. I debated briefly whether or not I should don heels (answer is always no) and I made my way to an adorable Italian restaurant in Chelsea to meet my girlfriends. Miraculously I was the first to arrive, and as [...]