Things that scare me about home ownership

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cat in a box

I have only just started saving for a house, but already I’m beginning to imagine how nice it’ll be to not work out of a bedroom and to have enough space to take that kitchen cart out of storage. (Speaking of which, I totally forgot what we even have down there; it’s like a Noah’s [...]

The problem with dating as I see it

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The other day I was greeted by Eric’s status update in my Facebook feed and I thought back to a time when I was fresh meat in the dating pool and he had asked me out on a date. Unsure of the dating rules after such a long sabbatical, I allowed a mutual friend to [...]


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“You need to get a hold of yourself.” “I know,” I mumbled to the strap of my seatbelt as I turned to face the rolling landscape. On some days I find car rides soothing. Today was not one of those days. “It’s just… I dunno. It makes me sad.” There was no possible way of [...]

Meet Deidre

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There are just some stories you come across that touch you profoundly and immediately. Deidre's story is one I felt compelled to share, not only because it was personally sent to me from a friend but because I can't imagine the medical expenses that are piling up for her family... or the fact that the matriarch is [...]

Pixie Consulting is now open for business!!

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computer and heart mouse

If you follow My Pixie Blog on Facebook, you may have heard the news last week that my new website for Pixie Consulting is finally up and running! I wanted to reveal the news here sooner but the past few days have been crazy, and then my beloved Mac kicked the bucket (please keep your [...]

My summer reading list

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In the past few weeks I have devoured one book after another. I started with Wally Lamb’s We Are Water, a birthday gift from a friend that sadly sat at the end of my nightstand for months until I became so hooked, I couldn’t put it down. I then moved on to The Fault in [...]

The start of a great summer

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A lot has happened in the past few days. I nearly lost my job at the same time that I was contacted about a few other possibilities (it is absolutely true what they say about doors opening and closing when we least expect them to). I have also been putting the finishing touches on a new website [...]

Lingerie party with Flora Nuit!

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Flora Nuit

A few weeks ago, a boutique pop-up lingerie shop made its way to Montclair, NJ, where I then hosted my very first lingerie party. I was able to see friends I hadn't seen in ages and introduce girls who hadn't yet met before, as we  updated our wardrobes with some really adorable lingerie and jammies. A lingerie party wouldn't be complete without a [...]