Currently—the June edition

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Yesterday I met a friend for a quick coffee break. I needed the fresh air and company, and it just so happened that our schedules aligned. “I'm feeling uninspired with my writing,” I lamented over a sip of my iced coffee. Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but I haven't been blogging like I used [...]

Dating—a look through the years

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This post is sponsored by All opinions are entirely my own. I hear it all the time. Dating is hard. Somehow it manages to get even more exhausting and complicated the older we get. What (or who) is to blame here? Limited attention spans? A shrinking pool of available mates? The dawn of social media? Whatever [...]

What’s up, weekend 6/23

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Friday. SO good to see you again. Hope everyone had a lovely week. Truthfully, it was a bit of an emotional one and I’m very much looking forward to a somewhat quiet weekend—which includes quality time with Bryan before I head out of town for a few days, a preschool graduation (not to sound like [...]

How to save with Groupon Coupons

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This post is sponsored by Groupon. All opinions are entirely my own. There’s a story in my family about how my father would go down to the mail room each week to clip diaper coupons shortly after I was born. The year was 1979 and my parents had just taken my mom’s life savings ($200) [...]

5 signs that you’re from New Jersey

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This is a collaborative post with Addressy. All opinions are entirely my own. Many of you know that I’m a proud New Yorker. The word “drawer” is pronounced “draw,” I’m picky about my pizza, and don’t you dare come near me with a limp, tasteless bagel. I just realized that two of those things are food related. [...]

What’s up, weekend 6/16

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Wow, nearly 1pm and I’m just now getting around to publishing this post. I’m so sorry! Remember the days when I was all buttoned up with my blogging? Yea, I don’t either :) Let’s dive into today’s grateful list. As usual, don’t forget to link up with my dear sweet friends Lindsay and Chrissy. Let’s [...]

The art of indecision

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They say the only constant is change. I don’t buy that. Or rather, I have a hard time acknowledging when things are just beyond my reach and that I am unable to steer life’s destiny. Yesterday as I sat in a familiar office with my psych doctor to discuss the ebb and flow of life, [...]

What’s up, weekend 6/9

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I know I say it each week, but one of the reasons I look forward to these gratitude lists is because they allow me to soak in the good and happy moments when life seems especially rocky. Truthfully, I haven’t been feeling my finest. I’ve been dealing with insomnia for the past few weeks, my [...]

The why

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Over the past few months I’ve become obsessed with finding a new place to live though I keep wavering on whether or not we should continue our search right now or push it back for a few more months. I have alerts set up on my phone for any new home that pops up on [...]