Jamaica highlights

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Sometimes it’s hard to put a vacation in words. You think about your favorite moments (maybe the few that didn’t live up to your expectations), you bask in the glow of renewed enthusiasm, and you count your pennies until you can afford the next one. You think about life. About travel. About how something as [...]

Friday linky 2/17

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My intention really was to have this post published by 9 o’clock this morning, but I’m still recovering from travel, an overdose of sunshine (I know, don’t hate me), and a food belly which is making me very sluggish today. Oddly, I’m still hungry despite the fact that I’ve literally been stuffing my piehole for [...]

Cancun love story—guest post

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I’d like to introduce you today to a dear blog friend of mine. I love his perspective on life, love, parenting, and everything that falls in the squares in between. He’s got a great, unique voice (exemplified below) and I’ve been begging him to appear here for months. When he asked if I wouldn’t mind [...]

Friday linky 2/10

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Oh, hai! Betcha didn’t expect to see me posting today, didja? So like, that Jamaica trip I was all packed and ready to go on? It was pushed back from Thursday morning (due to the inclement weather) to tomorrow morning instead. All good. In a way, it may have been a blessing in disguise—we were both [...]

Before they say “I do!” these couples get Altar’d

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This post is sponsored by Z Living’s Altar’d. All opinions are entirely my own. I don’t know this from experience, but from what I’ve heard, wedding planning is one of the most stressful life events (on par with death, moving, going to the dentist, and probably paying taxes). All that planning that goes into just [...]

What to pack for an all-inclusive vacation

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T-minus two days until I’m soaking up sunshine, you guys. The timing of this trip is making me a little nervous since we’re leaving the day a winter storm is coming to the tristate area (keep fingers crossed that snow doesn’t interfere with our travel plans!). This will be my second time staying in an [...]

Superbowl super snacks to please ALL your guests!

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This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Single Edition Media. All opinions are entirely my own. If I had a dime for every time someone in my family accused me of bringing the tofu to a holiday function (as if that’s the only option available for vegetarians, right!?), I’d probably have $3 or [...]

Friday linky 2/3

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I can’t deal. It’s already Friday and somehow we made it to February—how did that happen? The end of the week is a time of reflection, so without further ado, here are some things that made me happy this week. As always, don’t forget to share your posts and stop by to visit my bloggy [...]

February goals

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Good morning, my sweet ones! I love sitting down to reflect on these goal lists, and they have really been helping me stay accountable each month (well, that’s what they’re supposed to do, anyway). Let’s take a look back on the list from January to see how we did! Pitch a brand a week I’m [...]