What’s up, weekend 4/14

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Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend ahead with family and egg hunts and non-creepy bunny photos. Also! If you are looking for some last-minute Easter recipes, my friend Tamara has some ADORABLE treats on her blog—like these Rice Krispie Treats and Pound Cake Easter Eggs. Posts like hers really make me want to up my baking game and Martha Stewart skills 🙂

Each Friday, LindsayChrissy, and I host a linkup where we share all the positive things in our lives that we are grateful for. I personally love these linkups—it’s nice to see what’s happening in your corners of the world and it’s a beautiful practice to give thanks for the good/plentiful in our lives. Leave your link and let us know what you are grateful for this week!

Here’s my happy:

Passover seder with my crazy family

Getting the news that my cousin’s wife is pregnant with their second baby!

Emails and text messages from long-lost friends

Long walks with Buster

Figuring out our monthly spend on takeout, and doing something about it

Finding out a lump is nothing to worry about (but possibly the result of too much coffee)

Late nights with good books (currently reading The Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen)

Friday night drinks with girlfriends


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Kim Airhart April 14, 2017, 11:02 AM

That is a pretty great list sweets. Congrats to your cousin. I love babies. If I had it my way I would have had a lot more.
Your pup is too cute! He just looks like a sweetie.
I love spring and those pictures are gorg!! Have a great weekend!! xxoo

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada April 14, 2017, 11:21 AM

So much happy on your list!! Baby news is happy and so is hearing from long lost friends! I love that! And I can’t wait until my spring is filled with flower blooms, we are getting close! And its better to get checked out and have peace of mind with any kind of lump. Been there too! Have a great weekend Charlotte!

Beth April 14, 2017, 11:26 AM

I’m so glad you found a copy of The Best of Us! I really want to read more of her books, they’re nice reads! I’m so glad your lump was nothing. I have a benign breast lump and it was scary to find out about it, but a relief when I found out nothing was wrong, so I can relate. And hi Buster!! Have a great weekend lady!!

ShootingStarsMag April 14, 2017, 3:06 PM

I’m glad the lump wasn’t anything! That can be scary.

I’m loving the spring weather – it’s not supposed to rain today at least, so I’ll be out of the house tonight and that will be nice. Love your photos.


Jessica Bradshaw April 14, 2017, 6:01 PM

So many great happy things. That Buster pic tho… So CUTE!! I need to take my pups on a long walk. The weather is finally nice outside. Hope you have a great weekend!

Shann Eva April 14, 2017, 7:13 PM

Pretty spring pics! I love how things are starting to bloom. Sounds like you have a great weekend coming up, and I’m so happy to hear that your lump was nothing. That can be scary. Happy holidays to you!

Akaleistar April 14, 2017, 8:35 PM

Late nights with good books are the best!

texerinsydney April 15, 2017, 6:04 AM

So glad that lump resulted in good news! And, as you can probably guess, I’m a big fan of late nights with a good book 🙂

Sheryl April 15, 2017, 6:13 AM

Reading happy lists simply makes me happy. Spring is such a wonderful time – our colors have been fantastic. I’m glad to hear the lump was nothing! And Friday night drinks with girlfriends are the best!! Happy Weekend my friend.!

Tamara April 15, 2017, 9:40 AM

This makes me so happy! Thank you!!
And our Seder was awesome.. new babies are awesome. A non-dangerous lump is the best thing ever. (I guess no lumps is first place.. but we take what we can get)

San April 15, 2017, 4:04 PM

Those blooms are so pretty! What a great way to start the Easter weekend 🙂

Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet April 16, 2017, 7:41 AM

Long walks are the best! And so is spring!! Love all the blooms 🙂

Dean April 17, 2017, 12:41 PM

I’m so glad the lump was nothing to worry about!! Sending you tons of love!

Lindsay April 17, 2017, 2:06 PM

Hey sweets,
I hope your weekend was lovely and you enjoyed and relaxed some.
I’m SO glad to hear that lump is nothing serious.
I love me some Buster photos. Our pups should have permanent placeholders on our happy lists. 😉
Love ya girl xox

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