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Well, hello there, party people! I hope you all enjoyed a very happy Thanksgiving! Any crazy stories from the dinner table? Thankfully this year went off without a hitch. Though it was a hectic day with lots of eating (two dinners in a matter of hours), I’m glad I thought ahead and wore the pants with a bit of give.

It was a really wonderful weekend. Bryan and I went to the city on Saturday night with my brother to listen to some Zach Deputy and meet up with old college buddies. Scheduling conflicts, geography, and family obligations make it hard for us all to see each other but it was a lovely way to spend the evening.

And on Sunday, Bryan and I went to Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City and picked up this little gal!

I’d like to introduce you to our latest foster pup Maywood! We weren’t crazy about the name given to her by the shelter, so we decided to temporarily rename her Princess Penelope. She’s a lab mix, around 40 lbs, and just a ball of love. She didn’t fuss when I went to put her in her crate on the first night and she loves a good snuggle on the couch (though she usually saunters off to spread out on the carpet in the living room). Her likes: romping, randomly rubbing against the sofa, digging her paws in the lawn after she’s done her business, treats (she’s a bit picky), children, and going out for very long walks. Dislikes: carrots and celery, when dogs awkwardly stare at her, bones (we think she doesn’t know what to do with them yet), and not being included in the conversation.

We know a bit about Princess Penelope’s history. She was found tied to a pole (ugh, this makes me so angry), and she lived in a home briefly with a family and doggie siblings. In the few days we’ve had her, we have noticed that she is fearful and anxious around other dogs, so we are trying to be very patient with her and give her positive reinforcement. It’s really the only issue we’ve encountered and we are positive that this is something she can get beyond–she’s so eager to please and learn. I’m also thinking of having some friends over who own dogs so we can stage street encounters and she can go up and sniff/meet them.

This face kills me. She has the most expressive eyes!

If you’re interested in Princess Penelope, you can check out her Petfinder profile here!

PS: I can’t seem to take good photos of Penelope in action (hoping to get a new camera soon); hence, the many sleeping pics.

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Karen Peterson December 7, 2013, 12:15 PM

She is so precious! (And I agree with you about the name change!)
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Kristin December 8, 2013, 2:38 AM

Sooo sweet!! That first picture really encompasses the disliking of being left out of the conversation :) What a sweetie faced girl! Man, I can’t wait until we’re in a situation where we can adopt a dog or five!
Kristin´s last blog post ..Cleaning Frenzy

GiGi Eats Celebrities December 8, 2013, 12:24 PM

OMG SO CUTE and I am beyond thrilled to hear that you rescued her!! I love hearing these types of stories! You saved her life ;) I know if I ever get a dog I will rescue. My parents and sister always buy from a breeder, but I want to save a life!
GiGi Eats Celebrities´s last blog post ..Evil Weight Gain Doesn’t Stand a Chance!

catherine gacad December 8, 2013, 1:15 PM

you are so right, that face kills me too! so precious!

Karen Goodman December 8, 2013, 4:34 PM

She really is adorable. I’m sure she’ll get over her issues with dogs once she learns to live in a loving home. I find that my dog and foster dogs sometimes are reactive when on leashes, but absolutely fabulous when off leash at a dog park. I think when they are on leashes they are living by our rules and when they are off leash, they tune in to the dog pack rules. I also find that going to day care a couple of times can really help a dog learn to socialize properly. Call some day cares and ask if they’ll give you a discount for a foster dog!
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trininista December 9, 2013, 3:51 PM

she is sooooo adorable. how do you ever give these babies up? I would die inside every time. such an angel, my dear Charlotte!
trininista´s last blog post ..My Birthday Staycation

Blond Duck December 10, 2013, 7:34 AM

Awww! That poor baby! I feel so bad for her. She looks like part pit!
Blond Duck´s last blog post ..A Winter Squirrel….

Tina @ Girl with a New Life December 10, 2013, 5:32 PM

What a sweet face. We rescued a troubled cat about five years ago. Her anxiety is getting worse with age, which the vet tells me is normal. But we love her to bits.
Tina @ Girl with a New Life´s last blog post ..Less Facebook Status, More Christmas

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