How to Choose Boots to Flatter Your Figure

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Please give a warm welcome to Andi*–who writes about a timely topic for fall–how to choose the perfect pair of boots!


Boot Buddies

I spent a great part of my youth wearing a particular pair of yellow suede boots. Don’t ask me why I wore them, or even where I found them. All I know is that they were my shoes of choice, come rain or shine. Wearing them made me feel like some kind of hip rocker from the seventies or a cowgirl. Said boots even followed me to university, where they were last seen outside a kebab shop on a rather inebriated young woman wearing a denim skirt, a blue poncho, and matching belt (it wasn’t me, officer!).

The reason I mention these boots is because they are an example of how a perfectly normal looking person can be made to appear rather dumpy and dowdy when placed in the wrong pair of boots. Bless my poor mother, she spent years and a lot of money trying to dress me well, but I seemed to revert to my frumpy style when left alone for more than five minutes.

Now these boots were an ordinary, mid calf pair of boots that finished way below the knee. They had a low heel and seemed on the surface to possess no offensive characteristics. However, when I actually put them on, they seemed to knock half a foot off my height, and gave my feet a certain Herman Munster look.

The shape of the boot you wear can make a big difference to your appearance. It just depends on what type of figure you have. There I was a medium height, medium build girl, not realising that I should have opted for knee-high boots with a higher heel to create the slimming, heightening effect I was desperate for.

Having learned from my mistakes, I now choose my boots to match set criteria. Read on for some handy tips on how to choose boots to suit you:

• Stiletto heels are best for people with slim calves and ankles, because the thin heels are able to balance slimmer legs

• If you have relatively short legs, then a wedge heel works best

• People with longer legs look great in boots with any size heel

• Sometimes knee-high women’s boots can be difficult to buy in the right size for your calves so you’ll definitely need to try them on

• Knee-highs slim your legs and make them look longer

• If you do have shorter legs, don’t choose boots with lots of buckles or straps; they’ll actually make your legs look shorter!

• Mid-calf boots can be tricky to wear, but can look great if you have slim calves and long legs, as they will accentuate your calves without making your legs look too short

• If you want your legs to look longer, choose longer length and closer fitting boots, and wear tights that match your boots in color.
Follow these tips and avoid the dreaded fate that awaited me when I put on those yellow suede boots!

*Andi loves nights out with friends, fashion, and all things fun! Life’s too short!

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Krysten October 3, 2013, 4:19 PM

I love boots but I almost always go for booties. My calves aren’t exactly slim and it’s hard to find taller boots that will fit!

catherine gacad October 4, 2013, 8:58 PM

these are great tips!

trininista October 5, 2013, 1:51 PM

I miss being able to wear boots. The only thing I miss about cold weather!

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