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Tap. Tap. Tap. My fingers dance across the keyboard. One by one the words step forward to make an appearance in my daily musings.

Delete. Delete. Delete.

Damn it. I am plagued by the same old song and dance. Just as I feel a current of inspiration, I lose my train of thought and words clumsily trip out of my fingertips, creating a staccato rhythm I find distracting to the writing process. In the background, the water runs in the shower, a reminder that I really need to contact the landlord.

This seems to happen to me a lot lately. I feel I have so much to say, but I’m either unable to form coherent sentences or I feel completely incapable of writing about certain details of my life out of respect to family, friends, and a boyfriend who would all probably prefer a veil of anonymity in my blog.

I can’t say that I blame them. But from a writer’s perspective, not being able to liberally say what I feel puts me–and my writing–at an extreme disadvantage.

This blog was once the center of my world. I fed it, sustained it, and connected through it and it helped me along during some of the darker periods. Over the past few months, however, I’ve tossed it aside as other projects took priority. I feel terribly guilty for neglecting my baby–this home I felt I could always return to.

I’m at a crossroads in my blogging. I am inspired by the new direction my career has taken, but my creativity here has dwindled. I don’t want to ignore the corner of the web I have established here and am afraid that if I take mini breaks every now and then that this blog will collect dust and fade into oblivion.

I’ve seen it happen way too many times and it’s something I’d like to avoid at all costs possible.

This is my blogging dilemma and therein lies the struggle.

Has this ever happened to you? Was it a passing phase, and how did you manage to continue at it? HELP!

Also a special shout-out to my friends celebrating Passover tonight. Our family get-together was cancelled this year on account of illness, but my aunt and uncle have graciously invited me and my cousin for dinner. It’ll be small and sweet. Hope you all have a happy and healthy Pesach with loved ones at sundown. XOXO

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@bluenotebacker March 25, 2013, 9:20 AM

I have been writing for a hockey (St. Louis Blues) fansite since the (shortened) season began and as a result have inadvertently left my personal blog to gather dust. I didn’t mean for that to happen, and I know I’ll get back into the swing of writing more for my personal blog, probably when the season comes to an end.

I don’t feel less creative, though I do feel far less inspired or motivated to write fiction or poetry or anything personal these days, other than my hockey ranting and opining!

Nicole March 25, 2013, 9:46 AM

I understand how you feel. But look at it this way… wouldn’t you rather let it breathe a little bit than put up just anything? I think it’d bother you more to publish work that you don’t feel good about just to have “something” up there.

Your blog is a wonderful space, and you can continue to grow in it. Maybe this new career endeavor will provide new things to write about, or spark your creativity in different ways. You’re the one who taught me that our blogs are not static, that they can be whatever we want them to be. We’ve journeyed through so many changes with you in the past several years… we could go on this ride with you also. The pixie will never be covered in dust!

Unless of course, by dust, you mean glitter, and it’s magical. :-p

Krysten March 25, 2013, 9:52 AM

I know that for me I started getting really bored with what I was doing because I was trying to be like everyone else. I was blogging about the same things, doing the same reviews, having the same sponsors because I thought that made me a good blogger.

The thing I love about your blog is that everything you put out there, the things I read from you, are you. And I realized that’s what I love putting out there too.

I always keep in mind that my blog is simply my life put out there for others. So when I’m writing, I try to think about what I would want to share with a diary that someone else is reading vs. what everyone else is doing.

Do you have a mission statement for your blog? I find that that can be VERY helpful and something that you can come back to if you’re lacking inspiration.

Good luck lady. Email me if you need anything!

Marie Nicole March 25, 2013, 10:12 AM

I take constant breaks. My readers and followers build then dwindle away when I stop the blogging then they re-build as soon as I return. The blog is there for you for a reason, sometimes it’s about a transition, sometimes it’s about starting a new life or to cruise through a challenging period.

Don’t worry about it. If it dwindles it dwindles only temporarily. If you re-build you most likely may need to re-build your audience as well since the blog will have a different purpose. It is what it is right?

You’re in a great place right now in your life, just go out and live it and enjoy it. Your blog can wait…

Gia March 25, 2013, 4:05 PM

Girllllfriend, that happens to me regularly! But I’m also not much of a constant blogger. I try to blog at least once a week but it usually doesn’t happen. I like to write when I feel I have something to say.

Taking a break is to-tal-ly ok. This is your space and you can nurture it, take time away from it, whenever and however it feels right. Your readers will never leave.

I understand the pressures of not revealing too much and it gets hard, especially in romantic relationships (at least for myself) to try and avoid certain issues that I want to express. I usually end up writing around a lot of things and while it may not be as fulfilling, it does end up keeping the peace. πŸ™‚

Karen Peterson March 25, 2013, 5:15 PM

I’ve had times where I just didn’t feel like blogging, so I didn’t. But I’ve tried to make sure that I blog at least every 7-10 days so that people know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

Mrs. Match March 25, 2013, 8:11 PM

I hate having to censor myself on the blog. That’s why I just blog about whatever I want. I sometimes wish I could tell the world my real name, or tell my “real life” friends about the blog, but the freedom to write how I feel is just not worth the trade off. Yes, please don’t fade into oblivion. You would be missed!!

When I get really stuck, I just make bullet points of what’s been going on in my world. Sometimes I link up to a weekly meme. This usually gets the ball rolling for me. I’ve been guilty of not blogging with a lot of substance lately. I feel pretty scattered these days too, so I understand!

Mrs. Match March 26, 2013, 1:35 AM

PS just tagged you on my blog-if you want to play along, it might get rid of that writer’s block. πŸ™‚

Rika March 26, 2013, 5:48 AM

I think the question comes down to which is more important quantity or quality. You have been blogging for years now, which would make me conclude that you have a solid base of readers, who have come to love your writing and would follow you no matter how often you write. So would it make sense to write just to keep the frequency or just take a break and wait until you feel like writing again.
You could take let’s say a month were you think things over, maybe write down the ideas you get during the time off, so when the month is up and you do feel like writing you have all these thoughts to share.
You are starting a new job and a pressure to write frequently to your blog can be disturbing.
If it helps, I love your writing and will still keep reading your blog even if you take a break πŸ™‚

Linda March 26, 2013, 10:12 AM

Usually, for me, it isn’t that I don’t know what to post about, it’s more that sometimes I just don’t feel like it! [It seems like you have a little of that too] Blogging should never feel like a chore, but I know that if you take a break from it, you seem to lose hits/followers + all your hard work goes to waste. So it really is a dilemma, but I think it is one that every blogger faces at some point!

One thing I try to do is schedule a few posts when I feel in the mood to write, then just leave them sitting in the queue as drafts…if I really don’t feel like writing any other posts, I just go ahead and share those. And tell myself I will never go more than 1 week without a post. Good luck & have a good passover!

Jennifer Fabulous March 26, 2013, 11:55 PM

Wow we’re like bloggy soulmates or something. Your comment on my blog really resonated with me and then I come over here and see my own feelings splashed across the post. I’m surprised it took us so long to meet!

Of course, I totally understand your sentiment in this post. I have gone through many phases where work has kept me so busy and so creatively stimulated, that I’m too exhausted to put effort into my blog. But I think never giving up on the blog and having it be such a staple in your life is what helps. Just remember the blog is always there. πŸ™‚ A lot of the blogs I’ve seen fade away into oblivion are blogs that are about a topic, such as fashion or movies. The person gets bored and moves on, or finds something more thrilling to do. But when a blog is more personal, it tends to hold on…at least that’s my experience. I’ve had my blog for four and a half years and even through the phases where it feels painful to post, I stick with it. Maybe if it means limiting my posts to once or twice a week.

Good luck. πŸ™‚

Star Traci March 27, 2013, 7:26 AM

I struggle with this a lot. I tend to get my best inspiration when I am completely unable to write and then when I sit down at my keyboard, all is lost. I also struggle with accepting opportunities that have come my way and not losing my voice as a writer in my blog. Writing like life is a tough balance, isn’t it? You need to decide for your self if you want to only write when it feels inspired or occasionally check in even if it doesn’t “feel” right. I think that is an intensely personal decision. This is your special place to use as feels right to you. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that says you can’t take a small vacation and come back. Just let us know where to find you.

Willow March 27, 2013, 12:28 PM

Reading this was such a relief for me – both the post and the comments in response so far! I feel like I constantly battle myself over making blog posts. Sometimes I’m extremely excited about something and can’t wait to write about it, but other times my creativity just isn’t there and I fight really hard to have something worth publishing. There’s something inside of me that feels very obligated (whether it’s towards myself or my readers, I don’t know) to publish somewhat regularly, and sometimes I really beat myself up over it if I let things go for a while.
I’ve been trying to work on how I feel about it, and have found that part of the solution has been to care less about what other bloggers are doing – I know that sounds harsh, but what I mean is that I need to focus less on what I think I should be writing about, and pay more attention to what I want to be writing about. The thing I find most attractive in someone else’s blog is their unique personality shining through, and that’s what I strive for, now. Coming to this realization has also helped me to loosen up my fear of letting a few days go by without saying anything, because I know that when I do it will be something more meaningful to me. That said, it’s still something I’m working on… I still fret a lot more than I should.
Anyway, thank you for speaking your mind – you’re an inspiration! I’m sure your readers will forgive you for slowing down, and accept you when you pick back up again.

Pretzel Thief April 25, 2013, 2:23 AM

Oh hon…

Don’t feel like you HAVE to keep the blog up, in the sense that you don’t NEED to update it every few days, for instance. You’re a wonderful writer, you have a following (which I’m part of) (not that I’ve been a great bloggy friend as of late, I know) and no one would forget you if you didn’t post for, say, a few weeks or even a month. No way, no how!

If you ever don’t feel inspired to write on the blog, just don’t…and when it comes, it comes, and we’ll be here.


Pretzel Thief April 25, 2013, 2:24 AM

…and I’m sorry I forgot to wish you a happy Passover when it was actually taking place! Argh. Happy belated Passover and many blessings to you and the fam. :-)))

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