Meet blu: The perfect alternative to cigarettes

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I remember my first like it was just yesterday. I was a senior year in high school and cutting class with my best friend. We went to the local park with a bottle of wine and Hi-C (to this day I have no idea why we thought mixing the two would be a good idea) and after finishing our disgusting cocktail, we stole a few Marlboro reds from my parents to smoke on the porch.

Luckily, that cigarette was a one-time deal for my bestie. Sadly, it was the first of many for me. Had I known that this one indiscretion would lead to many years of trying to quit the worst habit I ever started (and one that seriously conflicts with my otherwise healthy lifestyle), I never would have picked up the cigarette all those years ago.

I recently was given the chance to sample a pack of blu eCigs and a variety of delicious flavors: Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Magnificent Menthol, Pina Colada, Java Jolt, and Peach Schnapps to name a few (Classic Tobacco is obviously also available). I’ve tried most of the flavors by now, but the one I consistently reach for is the vanilla. What’s more, this pretty-little-eCig has accompanied me to work, a Trey Anastasio concert, and even a few bars. It has also helped me through deadline hell at work and on nights when it was simply too damn cold to step outside.

I love that I’m able to carry this with me anywhere, that I don’t leave the bar smelling like an ashtray, and that I don’t have to worry about leaving traces of ash everywhere. These are a really great alternative to cigarettes, and the shnazzy packaging, not to mention the high-tech charging mechanism, are nice selling points. Starter kits are available for just $49.95 and they are now in more than 60,000 locations (click here to find the store nearest you). You’d be surprised how many people have stopped me to ask me where I found them in the past week!

All opinions expressed herein are entirely my own. This post was sponsored by blu eCigs.

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Eric Storch January 30, 2013, 9:53 AM

I started using these almost 2 years ago when they had a very different cartridge design. They were great and I also thought the vanilla was the best (cherry a close second). Unfortunately, the batteries don’t last forever. None of mine hold a charge anymore and I no longer use them. Can you get replacement batteries? I’d hate to have to buy a whole new starter kit because I still have a ton of cartridges left.

Kelley January 30, 2013, 10:14 AM

Good for you, Charlotte! I really hope they help you kick the habit. I am two weeks smoke free as of today. I quit cold turkey and it has not been easy! I should pick up a pack for the times when I can’t handle my cravings.

ego-t July 26, 2013, 9:04 AM

Yes, tell all your friends you know to look on the web for
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how big the range is for these wonderful products
is. What really gets my goat, though, are the increasing number of posts
in the major press saying how bad they are. Apparently the big drugs companies –
the makers of quit-smoking little helpers are backing an anti e-cig smear campaign – less so the tobacco companies (as you might suppose) – as many
cigarette producers are starting to secretly manufacture them.

I can FEEL the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Just complaining – that there is always a secret accord with
big corps trying to ban e cigarettes … the EU and FDA must do a lot more to help.
This makes me so despondent. Thanks blog topic.

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