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Several weeks ago, I had some of my girlfriends over for a day of wine and cheese tasting. I have really missed the beautiful women in my life and thought it would be lovely to reconnect on a Sunday afternoon, doing what we all love best: drinking vino and catching up on life. The times we are all able to meet up seem few and far between these days, what with the holidays just around the corner and a laundry list of things that always need tending to.

I received two bottles of wine from Naked Winery, but the one we sampled was the Vixen Syrah, described by the company as “our foxy wine…coy at first then comes on strong with elements of blackberry and some cherry.” Since I was with my girlfriends, I kept my paws to myself. I still had a date with my boyfriend later that evening lined up and we eventually tried the other bottle–Climax–together. It was, uhm, delicious.


My gawd. Where was I? Oh yes, I’m here to review the bottle of Syrah.

The Vixen Syrah definitely packed a bit of a punch. It went down smoothly and didn’t have much of an oak-y afterbirth (that’s an Office reference, ya’ll). I will openly admit that I’m not as familiar with my reds, but I was intrigued by the ingredients listed in the description: red raspberry, early season black cherry, coffee beans. Together they created a wonderful and intense flavor and I have since ordered Syrah while out with friends to really acquaint myself with the textures of this wine.

I would definitely recommend this as a fun gift for your single friends, boy/girlfriends, or that sexy coworker you’re trying to shack it up with. I followed the cheese pairings they had suggested and served some white cheddar and parmigiano reggiano. They also suggested Italian salami but this is a veggie household and so my wonderful friends were without. Sorry, girls! (Mini cupcakes courtesy of my dear friend who stopped by Crumbs on her way over. NOMS!)

I love the marketing for this vineyard. Fun. Sexy. Creative. In addition to some nice swag I was sent, I received a really nice handwritten note which told me that Syrah has great aging potential and that the bottle of Climax was “just for fun.” Oh, yes… it was.

‘Tis the season to unleash your inner vixen! The kind folks at Naked Winery are offering 30% discount on all purchases of Vixen Syrah for My Pixie Blog readers. Simply enter discount code SINGLE at checkout at www.nakedwinery.com.

I received a complimentary bottle of Vixen Syrah in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed herein are entirely my own. This post was sponsored by Naked Winery.

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(FL) Girl with a New Life December 19, 2011, 1:10 PM

How fun!! I’m thinkin’ a bottle of climax for Valentine’s Day with the Hubs.


Jaclyn December 19, 2011, 4:01 PM

I did a wine and cheese party this month, too! Such a fun excuse to eat cheese 🙂

Shell December 20, 2011, 10:26 AM

Will have to try them out!

Emily December 20, 2011, 1:53 PM

Sounds yummy! Hey who’s that cute girl in the green???

bonda84 December 20, 2011, 6:59 PM

I will certainly have to see if I can find this wine somewhere. I enjoy red wine more than white, mainly because it seems more sinfully delicious for whatever reason. And I almost alwasy cook with a good bottle of wine, sometimes I even use it in the recipe LOL

Jill December 21, 2011, 12:26 AM

OOH, how lovely! Love a girl’s night out. This wine sounds delish!

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